Career Development


Microsoft Excel

13/11/2017 - 21/11/2017
Learning how to use Excel has proven to be an efficient and beneficial tool for employees as it improves their efficiency in the workplace. This 12-hour course will help the participants absorb skills like how to create detailed worksheets, invoices, charts, and complex formulas that achieve professional results in a fraction of the time.

HR Management Intermediate Course

15/11/2017 - 06/12/2017
Learn to apply the best practices of HR recruitment, retention, benefits, compensation and much more in this 20-hour course.

Train The Trainer

28/01/2018 - 31/01/2018
Join this 20-hour certificate course that helps build your competency level as a trainer and gain credibility in your organization as well as in the industry.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

11/12/2017 - 20/12/2017
Join this 12-hour course and learn to create visual presentations using typography, photography, illustration and more.

Anti-Money Laundering Workshop

19/12/2017 - 19/12/2017
Learn to detect and report suspicious activity such as securities fraud and market manipulation, with the latest AML Acts and Regulations.